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Cold and Flu description:

Influenza and colds are among the most common infections of the respiratory system.

Approximately 40 million people suffer from flu every year according to the WHO (World Health Organization) data; flue illness impacts 15-20% of people that loss of work disability.

During epidemic period these diseases pull down from 30 to 80% of population.

ARD is an acute disease characterized by intoxication of oral white lesion, and upper respiratory tract infections.

Cold viruses frequently strike people due to cold weather. In typical cases, ARD began badly. There fever, headache and dizziness.

In just few hours the body’s temperature attains highest level (38, 5 – 50 С). This disease developed weakness, the feeling of exhaustion, pain in the muscles, bones and joints. It is accompanied by tickling in the nasopharynx, stuffiness in nose; cough and sneezing.

As a rule, prognosis for a disease favorable but on untimely treatment cans germinates complication as bronchitis, pneumonia. For treatment of acute respiratory disease (ARD) use extensively symptomatic remedy: anti-fever, antisensitizer and vitamin therapy. All of this is part of the combined drugs: Coldrex, Antigripin as well as individual products: Eferalgan, Paracetamol, Panadol.

A. Not combined antifebrile: Eferalgan, Paracetamol, Panadol.

B. Combined antifebrile: Coldrex, Antigripin.

Not combined antifebrile.

They include one active substance. This usually is Paracetamol. It affects the thermal centre.

Indications for use: fever, common illnesses, headaches, tooth pain.

Contraindications: in the first trimester of pregnancy, glaucoma.

Not combined drugs do not reduce stuffiness in nose.

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